In recreational and professional sports, professional chiropractic-care can be an important part of performance optimization. Our joints are closely connected to the nervous system via the “sixth sense” of proprioception.

In a well-adjusted body articulating joint surfaces can carry out required movements in an optimal way.  Furthermore your general state of health is optimized through chiropractic-care so that recovery time after performance can be shorter. (see “What is Chiropractic”).

Adjusted bodies are therefore less prone to injuries.

Because only a well-functioning nervous system can coordinate and control muscles and ligaments well.


Injured or already operated athletes (fracture, muscle, ligament or tendon tear, herniated disc, bruise) also benefit from professional chiropractic care. The healing process (self-healing power) is controlled via the nervous system. With the help of chiropractic adjustments, healing processes run optimally and therefore quicker, so that the athlete can say after their rehabilitation phase “My knee is like new again”.

Numerous studies on athletes published in chiropractic journals show a clear increase in functions such as balance, coordination, jumping ability and speed.